Monday, October 16, 2017

Fall feelings

It has been busy... as usual... but I still think of this blog often. Actually, I write posts... but only in my head... and they never seem to make it as an actual entry ;)

Tonight is the first night that Andreas started bringing our plants inside. Although it is definitely more cold than a few weeks back (like when we had weather like this), it is still pretty green... please read: MUCH better than white ;)

Over the weekend, we finally rearranged our living room/dining room and kitchen area. Andreas originally said that he didn't want to make the changes... but I won... finally... and now we have a real dining room again :)

To make up for my blog neglect, here are a few pictures from the last week or so. Wishing you all much love from Montreal xox


Sunday, October 8, 2017


Today is Canadian Thanksgiving... For readers who are not aware of it, our Thanksgiving is much earlier than the American one. Maybe because it can be so darn cold that we needed to get our crops in earlier ;) Actually, it is as cold in the US as it is here, so you can tell that I just made the other reason up ;) Maybe we just wanted to be different ;)
Anyway, in honour of our Thanksgiving (see.. we spell "honour" differently here too... again, maybe just to be different? ;) ), I would like to take a quick moment before my family comes over to write about some things that I am thankful for:

1) My wonderful husband... yes, he comes first because- without him- I would not have item #2

2) My 3 beautiful (and bratty) boys

3) My extended family. Although I don't mention them often on the blog, I have wonderful family here, in Sweden, and- more recently "rediscovered"- in Germany.

4) My wonderful friends. I am genuinely blessed because most of them actually "get" me... and, if they don't, they pretend it doesn't matter anyway ;)

5) Lovely autumn weather. I love autumn and it just seems slower this year. Yum!

6) My job... I do love it... even if I get emails from students on Sunday mornings... when it is a holiday... and they expect an answer NOW ;)

7) My house... even though it is small, it is filled with love :)

8) Health... because we often take it for granted... until we don't have it anymore.

9) The ability to turn on... and off... our internet ;)

10) Soccer... because it keeps me sane... even more than wine (which should be on this list too!)

11) Wine... because it also keeps me sane....

12) All of you who share in my day to day xox

Still green.... <3


Look... they are actually playing outside... together.... because I turned off the internet ;)

The other 2 were still playing football so I didn't want to interrupt them for this photo. Oliver humoured me... and he wanted so show off his "party shirt" ;)

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Post cards from Montreal... the early autumn version ;)

There is something about the light in the autumn... it is warm, gold and crisp. Over the past few days, we had perfect sweater ... and fresh apple.... weather :) Just the way I like it :)

Here are a few pictures from my morning walk to work! Montreal sends its love ;) xox

Friday, September 29, 2017

Book battles

My boys don't like to read (I am pretty sure that I have shared this bit of information with you before but here it goes again). OK.... Nicklas tolerates it but not much more than that. Oliver likes the pictures but not the reading part. Alexander is absolutely and totally not into it. Reading, for him, is somewhere in between the dentist and going shopping at Ikea. He will make up any excuse NOT to read. This disdain for reading started sometime in grade 4 and is still going strong...

I found this random picture on Facebook and I showed it to him (actually, I wanted to/am still tempted to make it into a poster to hang in his room!). I got an "Alexander eye roll" and a somewhat sympathetic look, kind of hinting that I have a bad sense of humour... and that he is still not into reading ;) I still think it is funny... and pretty accurate ;)

Happy Friday night to you all!!! Woo hoo! It is the weekend :)

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cooling down

... and, suddenly, it is Thursday ;)

The past week or so has been very warm... like summer warm... and I have been enjoying it (Andreas, not so much) ;) I was on a mission to absorb as much heat as possible because, you know, we are about 3 months away from winter (boo!). Today, the temperature dropped... from heat wave to seasonal.. I guess seasonal is still good ;) For the end of September, it is still amazingly green... I will take that!

Our family life has been pretty busy lately. We haven't even started the heavy winter activity period for the kids so we'll see how many more grey hairs I will be getting ;) I am pretty thankful that Alexander is not swimming this year.. I would be living in my car if that was the case ;)

Hope you are all doing well! I have tried repeatedly to come here and write something but, as always, something comes up (like boy homework or dinner prep) and I end up flaking out on the couch before having the chance to log on ;)

Wish you all a happy Thursday xox

Now, here are some random Montreal photos ;)