Wednesday, August 24, 2016

High school!!!!???!!!!

Yesterday, we took Alexander to pick up his schedule (for him) and pay his school fees (for me... ugh!) at his new high school. When we first went into the building, he led the way. I found myself wondering where my little guy went... who is this big, mature young man? Within 5 minutes, he started to fool around... hiding in lockers... bugging his brothers... jumping up on wall heaters.... trying to climb up walls... Oh yeah! There is my kid ;) He is still in there! ;)

Happy Wednesday xox

My big boy....

... who still likes to scare people by hiding in lockers ;)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

My Google tendencies

I have kids. One thing that any mother can tell you is that you end up Googling (is that a word now?) pretty strange stuff. For example, we Google things like "How do you get a marble out of a child's nose?" For the record, this was one of my actual searches. Another one: "What do you do when your kid only eats Goldfish Crackers?" "What the h*ll is Pokemon Go?"

Today, I have another one: "Why do my kids' soccer cleats smell like cat pee?"

Apparently, I am not the only one. This is, actually, a very popular topic on discussion boards. Who knew it? AND, the majority of people who experience it DO NOT EVEN HAVE A CAT!!!! Kitties, you are OFF the hook! From my very unscientific research, apparently it comes from the sulfur in sweat... which is amplified with a wet environment.... which is amplified when your kids sweat a lot.... which is amplified with a wet environment.... which is amplified when the cat decides to pee in the shoe (just kidding... I always wondered how our super old cat could negotiate herself into the shoe). As I read, apparently, it is NOT the cat.... just the sweat... and the shoe.... even the ones that you spend a million dollars on (or it seems like they are a million dollars... and supposedly made of gold) ;)

I cannot wait until the boys finish their games this weekend. The shoes will get Lysol'd and put on the winter boot dryer. Bye-bye, cat urine smell! May it only be found in the litter box ;)

PS: for the record, my soccer cleats smell like roses... ;) Roses and cat pee ;)

Alexander's NEW cleats which, for the moment, still smell only like boy sweat....

Friday, August 19, 2016


This morning, Andreas decided to take the boys and his parents (who arrived from Sweden last night) out for a bit of park time. Since I am actually working from home, I decided to stay here and get some writing done.... yes- both work... and my blog... ;) After they left, I couldn't figure out what was wrong... it was almost like I forgot something... something seemed out of place.... I felt a bit uneasy.... and then I realized- wow- it was QUIET! I am not used to QUIET! Now that I know this, I am starting to enjoy it and the uneasiness is disappearing..... ahhhhh.....

Hope you are also enjoying your day! Happy Friday :)

Picture of quiet ;)

Monday, August 15, 2016

Aging and the art of applying makeup

I am 46 years old and feel really good about it. This is probably the most physically trained I have been in years. I love my job. I have a wonderful family. I am thankful. Ahhh...

One thing that I cannot do anymore, though, is put on makeup. If you are above the age of 40, you understand how your eyes change. You can't see if you have glasses on. You can't see if you take them off. You can't see if you have your contacts in. You resist the bi-focals. You end up dreaming about the bi-focals ;) Anyway, I am so happy that many celebrities and fashionistas are posting instagram photos of themselves without make up on because I have given up wearing it. May I add that it is not in an effort to "free my face" but- simply- because I cannot see up close enough to put the damn stuff on. After countless mascara accidents and free form eyeliner jobs, I have decided to default into the makeup free category. You now know my secret... please keep it from the fashion police.... for once, I would like them to think that I am a part of a trend ;)

Happy day to you all! xox

Me, before makeup.

Me ,with makeup... pretty darn close ;)

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Boy sleep over

Tonight, Alexander and Nicklas have friends sleeping over. Yes, here... sleep over... here... 5 and I am a little bit nervous due to prior experience with boy-herds ;) This particular species of boys can be most often found grazing on pizza in the kitchen environment, roaring loudly when another member of the boy-herd takes the last piece of pepperoni and enthusiastically chasing after our poor dogs. When darkness rolls in, the boy-herd moves down to the basement and participates in ritual PS4 activity. The members of this group seem confused by the notion of brushing teeth and putting pajamas on so they cause some noise and, subsequently, go back to video game action. It is now relatively silent so, perhaps, Andreas should go down for observation. I will send him down with a walkie-talkie and a big stick for protection ;) If they are lucky, we might throw some popcorn down into their basement environment later on and hope that this satisfies the boy-herd. I promise... no tranquilizer guns involved ;)

I think that an African safari hat would suit me ;)

Wish us luck... and a peaceful evening ;) If you don't hear from me in the next day or so, send a search party ;)


The boy-herd, safely contained, in their exercise pen ;)

The boy-herd is down there... do I dare to bring popcorn? ;)

Friday, August 12, 2016

Reasons to like winter

Actually, I dislike winter.... not just a little bit.... but a whole lot... and if you have been reading this blog for more than 8 months, you must know this already ;) Since the weather here has been super hot lately (ie: 34C... 42C with humidity) and winter seems so distant, I figured that I would try to express a little "friendliness" towards my nemesis, so here it goes.... 10 reasons to like winter:

1) It is cosy... but this only qualifies from December 24 until January 2... and if you don't have to leave the house.... then the cosiness is over!

2) There are no bugs.

3) My glasses stay on my nose.... because they are frozen there.

4) I get to wear cute sweaters... until I get sick of them ;)

5) There are no bugs.

6) The bread on my kitchen counter doesn't get mouldy as fast as in the summer.

7) I get to play indoor soccer.

8) There are no bugs.

9) Ummm.... I am stuck....

10) Can't think of anything else.... ;)

Wishing you all a great SUMMER day ;)

OK... it looks kind of pretty.... but only in a picture..... and looks can be misleading ;)

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Attack of the morning storm cloud

This week, Alexander and Nicklas are doing a soccer camp. This means early mornings (well.. for them, it is an early morning), lots of exercise, lots of exercise in the hot sun (did I mention that it will be 34C today?) and evening practices with their respective teams. Needless to say, there are some majorly crabby boys in our house this week (even if they love their camp). This morning, when Nicka woke up, he stomped down the hallway. I greeted him with a "Good morning" and he grunted at me. Every question, including what he wanted for breakfast, was met with eye rolls- which, I have to say, he is an absolute master at. When he couldn't remember where he had plugged his tablet in, he scowled and, although he said that he didn't, I am almost positive that a not-so-bad-but-bad word came out of his mouth. In order to keep the peace, I silently moved into the kitchen and started to make lunches....

Today was the attack of the morning storm cloud ;)

PS: Once he got to his camp, he started to cheer up and the cloud lifted ;)

Portrait of Nicka this morning ;)