Thursday, December 1, 2016

Welcome December

December... already? Wasn't it just summer? Anyway, this December, I have decided to embrace the month and all that it comes with. I have decided to not complain so much about the snow (well, today, it was a lot of rain but you can get my point). I have decided to limit my end of semester stress. I have decided to do my Christmas shopping early so that I may actually enjoy the pre-holiday time. I have decided to take a few moments and count my blessings. I have decided that I will care less about what the holidays SHOULD be like and enjoy what actually happens. A tall order? Maybe... but I will work on it.

Happy December! xox

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What a MondayTuesday!

Today was a definite MondayTuesday! It all started off with a morning where just about everyone thought it was hard to get up...
- Alexander forgot the yellow jersey that he needed to wear for his school's pride event.
- I felt bad but had NO idea that he needed a yellow jersey.
- I even dressed him in a black t-shirt, of all colours!
- The nice little drizzle that started in the early morning turned into freezing rain.
- Andreas was going to take the yellow jersey to Alexander but ended up having to scrape ice off the car instead.
- We were late taking the younger boys to school because we had to scrape a ton of ice off the cars.
- Andreas and I missed our train and had to take the next one.
- I decided to take a taxi and miss my lovely walk because I would be late.... and soaking wet... for my 10:05 am class.
- I made it to work at 9:45 and found that I had run out of coffee :(
- I taught from 10:05 until 11:25... which ended up being more like 11:30.
- In my 10:05 class, I found out that the projector (that I needed) was broken.
- I taught from 11:35 until 2:25... which ended up being more like 2:35 because the student evaluations that I was doing ran late.
- I taught from 2:40 until 3:55.
- I found out that the projector that was broken in my 10:05 class was STILL broken and I needed it for the student presentations in my 2:40 class.
- I ended up eating my lunch at 2:45... and, unfortunately, it was a stinky lunch... but I had to eat it during the student presentations.
- I had to rush out at 3:55 to catch the train so that I could pick up the kids on time. By the time that I actually got out of the building, it was 4:03 :(
- Every boy had homework that they suddenly remembered...
- Andreas was held up at work...
- I had to clean up cat throw up from the floor.... and there is nothing more disgusting than cold,wet cat throw up :(
- It is 8:04pm and Alexander is still practising his baritone downstairs....
- The younger boys don't like the sound of the baritone...
- Isn't it bed time yet? ;)

Happy Monday-Tuesday... may tomorrow be a better one ;) xox

Monday, November 28, 2016

Before and after

Yesterday, I took a picture of Alexander while he was goofing around in his new advent hat. When I looked at the picture, I could clearly remember him as a baby, with his other red hat. Here is Alexander, both before and after..... ;)

Hope you all had a good Monday xox


After ;)

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Happy first of advent!

Just stopping by to wish you all a very happy first of advent! The boys had a long weekend so I thought that there would be more time to get things done but, as usual, that concept didn't quite work out for me ;) I did manage to wrap the advent presents... whew! Again, I went with the 4 presents (one for each advent), rather than the totally crazy 24 little gifts that I tried a few years back (to witness my insanity see here ;) I also prioritized a trip to a local European shop to pick up some advent cookies/candies/chocolates... I say that it was for the boys but, honestly, I had a craving ;) Now, we are finishing homework and starting to get organized for the week ahead. Wishing you all a good evening xox

Here are some glimpses of the weekend:

Super cool elf dude ;)

Folding laundry is always better with wine ;)

Oliver's dragon artwork

Slow cooker Sunday :)

A real November sky

Advent presents

Advent goodies :)

The boys with their first of advent presents on ;)

The best pajama ever ;)

Thursday, November 24, 2016

The attraction of ice crushing

I don't know... maybe it is just my boys... but, the second there is ice, there is ice crushing. Ice crushing involves standing on the ice and trying to break it with the heel of your boot. The ice can be 4 feet deep and you will still see kids trying to crush it. I see it on the school ground: the kids look like a bunch of turkeys, all pecking at the ice. Seriously, my boys will ask to go outdoors and all they will do is try to ice crush. They even invite friends over, if we have a good ice patch. All the neighbourhood kids, pecking away at the ice and having the time of their lives ;) The absolute BEST ice crushing happens when the temperature fluctuates and you have thin ice (= easy crush) but you have the WATER underneath it! How totally satisfying to crush through the ice and splash into a big puddle of water. Yes, totally awesome for the mother who has to dry your pants, your boots and clean off the inevitable mud patch that has been hiding under the darn water puddle!! Ugh!

Anyway, ice crushing season has started already. Oliver likes his new boots.. not based on the fact that they are new... or waterproof.... or rated to -40C.... or still fluffy inside.... but because they are good ice crushing boots ;) Nicka and his friends are competing on who can crush the most ice. Alexander, all cool in high school, says that he no longer crushes ice with his friends... but I am sure that, while waiting for the bus, they all still do it... they just don't admit to it ;)

Happy ice crushing to you all! ;)

Nothing like a good ice crush to start your day ;)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Our exciting hermit crabs;)

Actually, I am being a bit sarcastic here.... imagine that ;) Remember when we bought hermit crabs (here) because Oliver was heartbroken that we couldn't bring our PEI friends home with us? Well... I must say that they are not the most entertaining pets that you could ever hope for ;) On a regular basis, I have to dig them out from their hiding places and make sure that they are still alive. Once dug out, I place them in their food bowl (I NEVER see them eat) and the big entertainment is watching them run... seriously, they run... back into their coconut shell and dig themselves under the coconut shavings that line their home. After I put them in the food bowl, I have to call out the boys to hurry up and see their little pets move... otherwise, they disappear until the next "dig out".
OK.. I agree with Andreas... the crabs are a big boring but, after our animal zoo- 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 fish and all our animals of the human kind ;) - I kind of like the low maintenance aspect of the hermit crabs. The weekly "excitement" is fine with me ;)


Can you spot the 2 crabs in the food bowl? The third (Oliver's) is already making his get away ;)

Monday, November 21, 2016

More white

I know that, despite my dislike of winter, there are lots of people who actually love the snow. So, in honour of you courageous- or crazy- people (just kidding!), here are some pictures of our new found whiteness...

I must say that, in a picture, it actually looks kind of cosy but- for the record- the snow hurt my face this morning because it was mixed with little pieces of ice. Trust me- it looks cosier than it was ;)

Wishing you all a happy start to the week xox