Sunday, September 25, 2016

Spanish homework

I am sitting at the kitchen table with Alexander, helping him with his Spanish homework (helping = keeping him at the table and actually looking at what he needs to study. Whether it enters his thought process is another issue ;) ). Today,  I have learned (re-learned) which countries are in Central and South America, which countries are considered to be Spanish speaking, what the oceans of the world are called in Spanish and the names of capital cities for Spanish speaking/Central and South American countries are (Tegucigalpa is the BEST name). Alexander's favourite part of his Spanish class is finding out that Dabbing is called El Dabbo. Ugh!

Heck, after today, I am pretty sure that I could get a good mark on this test! Hope Alexander does too :P

PS: I NEVER took Spanish... ever! How did I become qualified to answer questions? Guess it is a mother thing ;) I do MUCH better with grade 4 science and grade 1 reading ;)

How the homework started....

How the homework ended :P

In honour of El Dabbo

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happiness is... ;)

Happiness is staying up late to help your son to finish a project... which he thought was due the next day.... which was actually an assignment to finish in class.... and not due for another week.... Hmmm... I think that I need to clean some kid's ears out :P

Wishing you all a happy Wednesday xox

Good thing that I love this kid :P

Monday, September 19, 2016

First soccer game

I am not sure if I already mentioned it here (heck, I cannot remember anything these days... just trying to embrace it ;) ) but Alexander made his high school soccer team. We are excited for him because it is a good way to meet new friends, participate in sports and become an active part of his school community. Since he has both practices and games after school, it is also a good way to keep him from coming home and heading to the video game dungeon (ie: our basement). Another bonus is that, on game days, the boys have to dress up for school. Today, Alexander was so excited to put on his favourite pink shirt and his dress pants (... and his running shoes but we won't get into that) to celebrate his first soccer game with his high school team. The only thing that I am sorry about is that I can't get out of work early enough to see it :( Maybe next time...

Good luck, boys!

Wishing them a great game and the rest of you a good day!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday morning

I honestly have no idea what happened! It was Sunday... and then, suddenly, it was Saturday morning. Actually, it was Friday night but I was so exhausted that any sort of resemblance to a blog post had to wait until this morning ;) It was not that the week was any more chaotic than usual but it was just busy.... always busy.... The high school homework situation definitely contributes to that, however, I am proud of Alexander for doing his best to keep a control of what needs to be done and for when. He also made his high school's soccer team so he is also juggling the practices and games. The younger boys are now in the groove of what they need to do on a weekly basis... whew! Finding the routine is one of the biggest challenges for me/us. September, as much as I love it, is always a challenge. Sometimes, even more than the Christmas season ;)
This weekend Andreas is away for work so, to make up for it, I promised the boys that we would go to a restaurant for dinner. In hindsight, this might have been a big crazy on my part ;) I blame it on the chaos of the week ;) I will be picking some super friendly family restaurant... that serves wine ;)
Today's goal is to start tacking homework projects before they become the-night-before-due-date-nightmares. Another goal is to enjoy a day where there are no running-to activities. Wish me luck!

Happy Saturday xox

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The end to the weekend

To mark the end of the weekend, Andreas and I decided to enjoy a cosy moment on our back balcony. We had both played soccer games today and it felt nice to ease the muscle pains with a beer, cheese and chorizo. We had a good weekend and are now looking forward to a "hopefully" calm week...

Wishing you all a good Sunday night and a great week ahead xox

Friday, September 9, 2016

Morning playdate

This morning, I managed to get Nicka and Oliver to school with time to spare. Since Alexander starts earlier now and he is biking in by himself, it is easier to get out of the house at a decent time (I say that now... let's see how long that lasts for ;) ). Nicka, when we arrived, saw his friends and made a beeline to them. Buh-bye, mamma! Oliver's friends had not arrived yet, so we spent a bit of time together in the park until his teachers came out/his friends arrived. It is nice to have a few minutes... with no nagging... enjoying the morning together... until the friends arrive and I am dismissed ;) It makes for a smooth start to the day!

Wishing you all a great one! :)

Thursday, September 8, 2016

In the air....

Autumn is definitely in the air. Even though it has still been very warm lately, the air feels different. The sun looks different. The light looks different. The trees are even starting to change colour!

Actually, in a way, I don't mind. Autumn is my favourite season. I love the crisp morning air. I love wearing cosy sweaters. I love the cool evenings. I love the smell of autumn leaves.

I would love autumn much more, if it wasn't followed by winter ;) Now THAT is a whole other story ;)

Tomorrow is Friday.... :)

G'night xox

Eek... leaves turning yellow alert!!;)