Sunday, January 15, 2017

If I were rich ;)

If  I were rich, I would give the boys (all of them) new socks every day and have them toss them out at night so they don't end up in the laundry ;) PLEASE NOTE that I am aware that this is very un-ecologically friendly and I am just joking ;) I am not, however, joking about how much I hate sorting socks. Although I joke about the new socks every day thing, there are some times that I go to the store and pick up a few pairs just so I don't have to sort out the ones that I have at home. Kind of like a back up to my sanity.... except the procrastination pile keeps growing and growing....

Today, I faced my sock demons and emptied out 2 3 big Ikea bags of unfolded socks onto our bed (seriously- bad, I know). I have been sorting them out all day in 20 minute blocks of time that are punctuated with coffee ;) I am almost done the boys' (minus the few that really don't seem to have a match) and am now tackling my collection of black ones that all seem to look the same ;) I am seriously considering buying myself socks with very obnoxious patterns or Spiderman on them so that I can tell them apart..... Wish me luck ;)

Happy remainder of Sunday to you all xox

Friday, January 13, 2017

Why I blog...

People sometimes ask me why I blog (yes, because I actually know some of the real live people that read my blog... why they read it is another story ;) ) so I had to give it some thought. I think mostly because my friends on Facebook were sick of my long winded posts ;) I also thought that it could be fun for the boys to read when they got older... sort of like a family diary.... or a way to keep up with my friends in Denmark.... or family in Sweden.... or my mother group friends in the US who I met online when I was pregnant with Alexander... or my own family who lives nearby and that I don't see often enough.... or the lovely women who I know through my boys' schools...  or an odd way to entertain my friend Kerri.... ;)  I was also inspired by two bloggers named Brinja and Sandra, who I ended up connecting with, even though we live an ocean apart. I also met people like Catarina and Ageeth, who I met online and now consider my friends...  More recently, I feel that I visit with people like Karin, Maude  and my own beautiful Gabrielle. It is a little bit like going out for coffee...without really going out for coffee. I also enjoy that I don't have to write in any sort of coherent and scientific way... It makes the world a little smaller... and a whole lot cosier....

Thanks for coming along for the ride ;) Happy Friday evening xox

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Yesterday, I moved offices.... and, yes, it is a BIG thing for me. I got a promotion from the grey windowless office that I had before to a yellow walled one with... wait... a WINDOW!!! I am so excited- I can have plants, know what time of the day it, what kind of weather there is outside and I don't fall asleep by 2:00pm!

Happy 2017 to me ;)


Yes- the window is dirty and it is not always sunny outside but I LOVE it anyway :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The snow fort

Every Canadian kid loves a good snow fort. The bigger, the better! The best forts are ones that go on and on forever. They have to be strategic so that bigger kids cannot break it or smaller kids cannot invade it. Good snow forts have the perfect snow to ice ratio. It also helps to have pretend sofas and refrigerators in it ;) A steady supply of snow food is good too. If you have a snow fort, you have to spend all recess, lunch time and after school hours to make it perfect. Actually, it is in a constant state of fixing and improving. It is always renovation time when it melts or gets buried by a snow or ice storm. Another rule is that you have to always protect your snow fort. Also, if you don't contribute to the building of a snow fort, you are not allowed in it unless you have special permission. The best thing about a good snow fort is, when the owners are not around, you can explore- even if you are not a part of it. This afternoon, while we were waiting for Nicka to come outside, Oliver got to sit in his brother's snow fort. How cool! Then he showed me his.... ice carving station and all ;)


Oliver hanging out in Nicka's snow fort.... He looks blurry because he wouldn't stay still for the photo!

It is always cool to hang out in someone else's snow fort!

Oliver at his ice carving station ;)

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The upcoming return of a regular schedule

Even though our holiday was really appreciated, there comes a time where a regular schedule is needed again. The boys are missing their school friends, the rhythm of a day-to-day, the regular weekly activities... and they are missing homework.... hahahaha- no, not homework- I just made that one up ;)
So, tomorrow, is back to school day. For the boys. For me. For Andreas. At the start of the holidays, I used to torture the boys by pretending that the next day was a school day. NOOOOOOOOO! they would yell. Now, I say the same thing and I think that they are OK with it. Oliver is even planning the snow fort that he will make with his friends at recess tomorrow. Nicka isn't eye rolling me as much and Alexander just nods. Yups... back to the routine. Guaranteed that tomorrow will be tough... but welcome.

Hope you have a smooth transition back to daily life.... See you on the other side ;) xox

Saturday, January 7, 2017

5 steps

I have been dared by my friend and fellow blogger (Caribou Beach) to post 5 steps to know the real me... so, because I don't like to let dares go by, here it is:

1) I don't like games or high maintenance people. Just hang with me... and keep it simple.

2) I appreciate a person with a good sense of humour... the more sarcastic, the better ;)

3) You are allowed to be silent when we are together.

4) I appreciate honesty, even if- at the moment- I don't like what you are saying. I will get over it.

5) You don't need to try to outdo me. I am already your biggest fan...

PS: If you like wine and/or coffee, we will get along fine. Playing soccer helps too ;)

A flower from Oliver :)

Friday, January 6, 2017

Another 10 random facts

1. I love to look at webcam sites. It makes me feel like I am travelling... ok... bare with me ;)

2. I am thinking about taking Swedish lessons because my husband is not very good at letting me practice with him. He just says that I sound Danish and switches back to English ;)

3. A student of mine brought me a box of chocolates yesterday... and there are only a few left in the box now. I didn't share with the boys... but I was nice and let Andreas have some ;)

4. For New Year's, I bought a nice bottle of champagne. I could get used to it ;)

5. I love our pets but am not a fan of fur on carpets and mystery wet spots on the floor ;)

6. I never seem to learn that saying "Be calm!" to our boys usually has the opposite effect!

7. I have a weak spot for soft and stretchy jersey fabrics. Heaven!

8. I love online shopping... more for the package that comes in the mail than the item that I actually ordered ;)

9. Although it is not always evident on this blog, I am a bit uptight about grammar. To make me feel better, I prefer to think that my students misuse their/there/they're in papers just to bug me... but,unfortunately, that is probably not the case ;)

10. I am pretty excited about 2017. I like fresh starts and feeling like something new is happening.

Here are some random photos to go with my random facts:

Alexander and Nicka around the time that Oliver was born

A picture from Copenhagen

Alexander and his wacky hair ;)

On the highway... yes, I was in traffic... but not moving...

Oliver on a mission

Oh! I miss the peonies in our garden!

Oliver with his kindergarten buddies

On a ferry ride back from Oka

The Swedish coast

Our Christmas card photo from last year (I think)