Thursday, January 18, 2018

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The memory of a mother

Actually, the title of this blog post is a complete misnomer. This mother has absolutely NO memory left. Or, rather, I should say that I have a very selective memory. For example, I cannot remember what I am supposed to do in the next 20 minutes, nor do I remember the names of my children (aren't they all named after the cat?) BUT I can remember the words to most songs from the 1980s. I will look blankly at Andreas when he asks where I will be going on Saturday afternoon BUT I remember the name of my friend's dog from 1975 (it was Rusty). I am very good at forgetting when bills are due (sorry cell phone company!) but will always remember the birthdays of people that I haven't seen in about 20 years and the name of my kindergarten teacher (Mrs. Brabant at Willowdale).

To be honest, sometimes my poor memory worries me (my apologies to my student who has been in about 5 of my classes and I still couldn't remember her name!). I am feeling the need to write things down more and more and my agenda has become my new best friend (that is, if I remember to put it in my bag in the morning). I am hoping that my memory is just hiding somewhere between the lunch requests, grocery lists, play dates, doctor appointments, work meetings and Oliver waking me up in the middle of the night because he had a bad dream ;) Or maybe it just froze in our beautiful winter weather ;)

Oh yeah- the name of the song is Heart of Glass and the band is Blondie ;)

Happy Wednesday xox

Random... but appropriate... thing that I found on the internet ;)

Monday, January 15, 2018

Thankful for the small stuff... the cold Monday edition ;)

So far, this winter, we are having the crappiest weather. Yes, I know- I always complain about winter but, this year, I am almost beyond complaining. I cannot count how many days (like most of the holiday) were just so cold that we had people on TV and flashing things on our phones telling us to NOT go out. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to heed their good advice ;) Today is one of those days ;)

In light of this cold Monday, I am thankful for my new and very warm/waterproof boots. Best money I ever spent! I am also thankful for my snow pants... and my hat! AND that I had coffee waiting for me when I got to work :) Sometimes the little things are the REALLY appreciated ones!

Happy Monday to you all! Stay warm... and sane ;) xox

Yes, yes, I know. We have sun... but even the sun seems to think that it is too cold ;)

Monday, January 8, 2018

Being thankful

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to be more thankful so here it goes...

Today, I am thankful that it is not -35C out and the air has stopped hurting my face... especially since I had to walk from the train station to work. Sometimes, the little things are really important!

Happy return to routine! xox

I am also thankful that I did not get hit with falling ice ;)

I am also thankful that I made it on the last train before they cancelled service!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Youtuber made me do it!

My kids get really funny idea sometimes... and I don't mean funny, like in haha... I mean funny, like strange. Yes, some ideas come from their own heads but I find that most of the really odd ones come from things that the boys have learned from Youtube. Seriously... Youtube... ugh!
Sometimes, they pick up things like random facts about how many people live in a given city or how tall a skyscraper is or how to do a magic trick. These ones are kind of annoying (as in they ask me about these random facts when I am trying to do 50 million other things all at the same time) but OK. Others are just strange...
For example, over the past 2 weeks, Oliver has been bugging me about coconuts. He was convinced that he would absolutely love raw coconut.... and he made the coconut water out to be some heaven in a glass. How did he know this? A Youtuber told him that it was the best thing ever so, because Youtubers are always right, Oliver was convinced that he would love it. Considering that this kid can basically live on Goldfish crackers, salami and cheese sticks, I seriously had my doubts.
Flash forward to today. What did I find myself doing? Yups... I was whacking at some coconut that I bought from the grocery store. Oliver was standing by me, eager for the insides that, I presumed, reminded him of some Kinder Egg. Needless to say (and not surprising at all), his first taste of the Magic Coconut Meat was met with a sour looking face and Oliver spitting the mouthful into the sink. After telling me how gross it was, I hoped that he marched into the living room and promptly unsubscribed to the misleading Youtuber. Probably not but I find that Youtuber particularly annoying so I am allowed to wish it ;) Anyway, Oliver is now onto the next thing (ie: how to play Brawlhalla... yes, that is an actual game) and the dream of coconut is a thing of the past ;) I think that I will try to find a Youtube channel that can convince my son that room cleaning is the best thing ever. I will even subscribe to that Youtuber ;)

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Friends, the winter version

We spend a lot of time with the W family during the summers (soccer, travels such as PEI- see here, more soccer, backyard camping- see here, and even more soccer) but, given that their boys are in hockey and mine are not (I know... bad Canadian mother... I feel so bad... NOT 😉), we don't see much of them in the winter.... except over the Christmas holidays because there are no sports activities to run to! BEST TIME EVER! So, yesterday, Andreas took them sledding at a neighbourhood hill (because it was finally not -100C... OK... small exaggeration but it was almost that bad) and now they are all downstairs recovering from a sleep-over so they can cram in as much of W boys as possible before the return to school on Monday ;)

Oh yeah...  return to routine on Monday... wow! Where did the holiday go?

Happy Thursday... or Wednesday... or whatever day it is.... 😉

Too cool for his hat. Good thing his father is nicer than I am ;)

All photos are courtesy of Andreas because I was at home with Oliver ;)

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

As usual, everyone was in bed by 11pm so I stayed up by myself to ring in the new year. It was kind of nice because I could be alone with my thoughts... and alone with my chips ;) We woke up to another very cold day but it was a good excuse to stay in and be cosy. I almost felt guilty for it but, since it is so rare to do this at any other point in time, I decided to just enjoy it.

Hope you all had a good first day of 2018!