Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Where did they go?

Yes, I still have kids. Three of them... boys.... do you remember them? Probably not ;) There is not so much about them on my blog lately. I have put it down to 3 main reasons:
1) They hate it when I take pictures of them. Actually, the only one who tolerates it sometimes is Oliver and that only happens when I bribe him ;) With the others, they make faces or turn their backs so I just pretend to give up... but one day I will get even ;)
2) The activities that they are doing now don't really involve me so much. At birthday parties, I drop them off. They arrange to meet friends on their own. They go to throw around a ball at the park... and I am not invited ;) Even when I am involved (like coaching), I get dirty looks when I pull out my phone to take pictures. That is why I have lots of far away shots ;) Otherwise, I just feel like creepy mother ;)
3) The big recent obsession/pass time is a game called Fortnite, which, I swear, turns them into zombies... so they live in the basement.... and stare at the screen. Trust me, not a very interesting picture ;)

I am still outnumbered by boys... it is just harder to document it lately ;)

Happy Wednesday evening xox

When the boys still took pictures ;)

Friday, April 20, 2018

10 random things that annoy me

Happy Friday! Since it is a week filled with corrections and that I am pretty tired and fed up of winter, I thought it might be fun to share my "10 random things that annoy me" list. Actually, there are quite a few more than 10 things that annoy me but I tried to keep it to the most immediate in my mind ;)  Here it goes:

10 random things that annoy me:

1.The sound of noisy chewers.

2. People try to charge into an elevator before the people that are IN the elevator have the chance to get out.

3. Screaming, yelling YouTubers that play video games and record themselves.

4. The fact that all 3 of my children love to watch the screaming, yelling YouTubers.

5. Snow.

6. Instagram shots that have weather that is WAY too nice (ie: people that get to wear sandals already).

7. The fact that I am super jealous of the people who are wearing sandals already.

8. The calorie listing on chocolate (please, just let me think that there are only 10 calories in a whole chocolate bar).

9. Speaking of chocolate.... Andreas brought me a Marabou chocolate with orange crisp bar from Denmark (it is actually Swedish chocolate but he bought it in Denmark). I hid it, thinking that I will eat it when I really have a chocolate craving... only to find that- when I REALLY wanted it- someone else had found and eaten it already (yes, I know it was Alexander... even though he denies it).

10. When I watch boys at home walk over the same dust bunny on the floor and pretend that they don't see it. I KNOW that they see it....

Stay tuned for the next 10 random things that annoy me... I can go on forever ;)


Random internet/Pinterest image....but, oh, so fitting ;)

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Truce with Mother Nature

While I was in Toronto this past weekend, it snowed. Not just a little bit... but a lot. Cancelling flights kind of a lot. Luckily, on our way back, the snow disappeared right around the Ontario/Quebec border. BIG sigh of relief ;)
Monday morning... Mother Nature must have heard my sigh of relief because we woke up to ice rain, snow and overall crap weather. The kids even got a snow/ice day from school (Seriously?!? WTH?!?!! It is now mid-April!!!!). As I trudged to work in my winter boots, I had a little talk with Mother Nature. OK, lady! You win! I give up! She must have heard me because, as I left work, the snow was more-or-less gone... and a few brave blue flowers were sticking up from the not so green grass... I guess that she accepted my truce ;)
We expect 18C weather this weekend... but I am not going to celebrate too much... just in case she hears me ;)

Happy Thursday to you all! xox

What a difference a few hours makes!! The blue flowers are hard to see.... but they are there!!!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Weekend in Toronto

Just a quick hi from Toronto! This weekend I am here for a conference and it is just me (meaning without family... I came with work colleagues). It is always a bit odd to come to Toronto from Montreal- it is not so far away but it feels like another country. It is bigger than Montreal.. more spread out... taller... probably cleaner... more dressed up.... less joie de vivre... no French... and, for some reason, I can never find my bearings here ;) We are staying in a funky neighbourhood near the University, which also has lots of good coffee places within walking distance. Maybe not so different from Montreal after all ;)

Wishing you all a happy Friday evening from TO! I am now going to enjoy NOT having to nag boys to brush their teeth and go to bed ;) Here is some random Toronto photo spam...


Wednesday, April 11, 2018


I am not embarrassed to admit it: I am almost 48 years old. It is a well known fact that women start to go into menopause around my age. I have 3 beautiful boys... with NO intention of having any more children... so I embrace this upcoming next phase of my life. We all expect it happens with women so... why is it my HUSBAND that is experiencing signs of menopause... now, in our house,  known as manopause.

Example: It is snowy outside. It is cold. Our home thermostat is set at 18C. The boys and I are all sitting on the couch... wearing sweaters... Alexander even has a blanket on him... I have my slippers on.... and Andreas comes into the living room... wearing shorts and a t-shirt... and complaining about the heat! Really? At first, I thought that he was sarcastic because we have been having below average temperatures lately but.. no... he was dead serious. Since then, on a daily basis, I am asked "Don't you find it hot in here?" Ummm.... I can see my breath.... no. Manopause. He has even been threatening to bring the fan up from the garage. Next step is the air conditioning? Can't wait to see what will happen when it actually gets hot this summer.... I might find Andreas sleeping in our fridge ;)

Some random internet picture... and NOT Andreas ;)

Friday, April 6, 2018

Happy Friday evening!

I remember (actually, I think I remember... it seems so long ago) a time when Fridays meant going out in downtown Copenhagen, dressing up, drinking way too much Carlsberg, smoking a ton of cigarettes, buying kebab and pommes frites (or visiting the pølsevogne) on the way home, swallowing that preventative aspirin before going to bed and- if that aspirin didn't work- spending most of Saturday morning avoiding life in general. Now, a good Friday night equals nothing to do/nowhere to go, a good glass of wine, pajamas, slippers and cozy time with the boys. It was fun while it lasted but I wouldn't go back for a minute!

Wishing you all a good Friday night xox

Monday, April 2, 2018

Now it is all about the chocolate eggs...

It used to be a lot easier at holiday time because we could include all the boys in the holiday-related activities. We could gear the theme towards Alexander and Nicklas and Oliver was just so darn happy to be a part of it that it worked. I could take the boys to visit Santa or colour Easter eggs and it was guaranteed a good time. Lately, holiday time has become more about stopping Alexander and Nicklas from wrecking it for Oliver. For example, in grade 6, Alexander decided that Santa no longer existed (but of course he does for all of you readers who believe 😉). He was very happy to play along with things for the sake of Nicklas and Oliver... it made him feel very grown up and he enjoyed it. Flash forward to Nicklas in grade 5... and Alexander turning 13... and I had to have a long talk with them about letting Oliver enjoy Santa. Thankfully, they went along with it but it makes me worried that Oliver will have to lose out on some of these memories because his brothers no longer believe in it.
For Easter this year, Oliver was dying to do an egg hunt. When I brought it up with the other 2, I got eye rolls and laughter. The compromise was that I would hide the chocolate (see- we skimped out on colouring the eggs- bad me) and the big boys would cheer him on as he found the candy. It was easy enough to get them to cheer because Oliver would share the 5 million chocolate eggs that he found. It ended up working because Oliver got to do the egg hunt... and the other 2 never complain about getting more sugar ;)
Suggestions about preserving the magic for the younger sibling(s) are greatly appreciated! As I said, so far, the bigger boys have been pretty good at entertaining Oliver during the holidays but I would like him to enjoy it for as long as he can. You know, I also find it WAY more fun when the kids are still into it! Maybe it keeps the magic going for the parents as well 😉

Hope you all had a great Easter/Passover or well-deserved break xox

In the "easier" days ;)

Saturday, March 31, 2018


Today was a beautiful sunny day and where were the boys? Yups... playing video games. Anyway, after the usual conversation that started with "You know, when I was your age....", all three boys were kicked outside the house and onto our street to play... play anything!!!! This is proof that they were actually removed from a screen for more than an hour. Also, considering that Oliver is the only one lately that has any patience for my photos, this is also proof that I still have three boys ;)

Happy Saturday! Tomorrow, we have family over for Easter but I will try to actually get a decent blog post written. My apologies for being so uninspired lately. It is the end of the semester and I feel like I am stuck in quicksand ;)


Monday, March 26, 2018

Musings on a Monday

1) Why do Sundays always seem so darn short? Mondays, like today, seem to drag on forever but Sundays fly by...

2) Am I the only person in the world who is really terrible at putting on mascara?

3) Why do women put their make up on in the train? As per musing 2, how on earth are they able to do it without looking like a raccoon... or without making the strangest facial expressions?

4) As per musing 3, some women actually do make the strangest facial expressions... but probably don't care... or think that it can be amusing for others... which it is ;)

5)  I am not sure why some people insist on using the possessive (ie: 's) to indicate plural (ie: the boy's went to the store). Maybe they know that it bugs me ;)

6) Maybe I shouldn't let other people's grammar bother me so much ;)

7) Lately, I am really into the colour pink. It could either be the result of a long winter... or living in a house full of boys!

8) Why is it that bills always seem to fill up my mailbox... but there is a clear lack of cheques?

9) I need to get a haircut (translate: someone else who will wash and brush my hair)...

10) Andreas bought me a gift card for a local spa for Christmas. I am dying to use it for my spring pedicure. I need bright pink toe nails.

Hope you all had a good Monday xox

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Why I blog...

I get asked why I blog fairly regularly and wish that I had a good answer. Actually, it was a combination of lots of factors. Over the years, I see my blog as both a way of connecting with others and therapy ;) Giving it some thought, here are my reasons:

1) I used to post a ton of stuff on Facebook... well, I still do... but I used to post a TON. Anyway, one year when I was in Sweden, a friend of mine commented (joked, I hope!) that I was clogging up his thread with my photo spam. I figured that I could put all my spam into a blog and you could choose whether you wanted to see my pictures or not. Yes, without clogging your thread. PS: I don't know if you will read this but it is you, Peter ;)

2) I like to take pictures but I never knew what to do with them so... here they are ;)

3) I never kept journals. I am lousy with photo albums. OK... I am REALLY lousy with photo albums. I also sucked at keeping the baby books up to date- sorry to Oliver because I think I never even started yours ;) This blog is my attempt to document our family, in real time, so that they can go back and see what we did, what our life was like, what our day to day consisted of. I wanted them to read my thoughts and be able to read about themselves... the good, the bad and the ugly ;)

4) We have family and friends that we don't get to talk to every day. Sadly, it is not only people that live across the ocean but some of them are also just a few kilometers away. This is a way that they get to see what we are up to... and maybe remember what we look like ;)

5) One day, shortly after Oliver was born, I googled some random search terms so that I could find a store that I liked in Copenhagen (funky baby clothes) and found myself on an awesome blog (Brinja). Compared to a lot of the blogs that I had previously visited, she was so unpretentious and real. Brinja offered a cool way of seeing her world, almost like you were there. It was so cosy... kind of like having coffee with a good friend. I have since had the opportunity to "talk" to her via email and Instagram and she continues to inspire me with her pictures and creativity. I have even met other people from visiting her blog (like the wonderful Ageeth, see here).

6) Bribery! If I ever need to threaten to show baby pictures to future girlfriends, all I have to do is give them the link to this blog ;)

Happy Thursday to you all! xox

Here is some photo spam from the time I first started this blog... 849 posts ago!!!

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Monday, March 19, 2018


This is a true story:

During the spring break, a local hardware store offered a daily building activity for the kids (it was even free!!!! BONUS!!!). Oliver and his friends like to build so, during the week, this activity became a staple in our list-of-things-to-do-that-did-not-involve-a-stupid-screen. This saviour of a hardware store is called Home Depot (pronounce as Home Dee-po... yes, this is actually important... the "t" is silent).

Anyway, on one of the days, we were taking care of one of Oliver's friends so we brought both of them to the daily build session. Oliver, the day before, decided that Home Depot should be pronounced Home Dee-POT (and heavy on the last syllable) so, in the car, he says to his friend "Are you excited to go to Home Dee-POT? I am!" His friend responds "Ummm... Oliver, I think that it is pronounced  Home Dee-PO... The "t" is silent." Oliver, true to form, responds "No, it is Dee-POT. There is no place for silence in my life."

How could you argue with that one? ;)

Happy Monday xox

By the way, I DO have 2 other sons... they are just WAY less willing to appear in my photos lately :( 

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday food preps

I love doing a big Sunday cooking day. Given that some weekends are filled with total chaos, I appreciate the weeks when I can do groceries, find interesting ingredients and have the time to actutally put it all together. There is something totally satisfying about cooking multiple meals for the week ahead. It goes beyond feeling organized, I feel relaxed and happy to be putting good food together for our family. Today was about making a beef stew in the slow cooker, roast chicken, curry eggplant and flatbread pizzas for Monday lunches. I also cut up a bunch of vegetables and will be making a fruit salad. If I still have time later, I might attempt some more bread. We also picked up some fresh Zeppoles at the bakery (and Oliver's favourite mini cupcakes... that is OK... more Zepole for me ;) ) to have with afternoon coffee (for Swedish people: yes, for fika). With sun shining through our living room windows and a vacuumed floor- another miracle!- it has been a good Sunday so far.

Hope you are all having a good Sunday too xox!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Today was snowy again but, luckily, it is not really accumulating on the streets and sidewalks... just on the grass and previous snow piles. At least the temperature does not hurt my face and I can actually walk without raising my shoulders to ear level ;)  It is also a treat to come home in daylight ;) I can feel spring!

Hope you all had a good day xox